We're all in.

All in. Leeds was sparked by the city’s ambition to become the new home of Channel 4. While individual agencies showing their support would have been great, in reality it probably wouldn’t have achieved much. So, a bunch of us got together. Talking as a collective with one united voice. Announcing to the broadcaster that our sector was firmly backing the bid. Shouting about our region’s talents and showing that working together can create something new and exciting.

Our message hit home.

Proving our point that good things happen when you join forces. With Leeds announced as the winning city, it was time to turn that momentum into action.

From over 130 agencies, a steering group was formed and an agenda was set. Make Leeds the go-to place for creative services. To do that, we follow five paths; education, diversity, community, creativity and business. Using our skills to tackle the challenges we face and raise the city’s profile. Putting it on the map for brands and drawing in the next generation of talent.

We do all this on a voluntary basis. With people (and agencies) committing time and energy for the collective good. Previously, the idea of putting competing agencies in the same room to discuss shared possibilities would have been laughable. But the days of negative attitudes and fearing each other have gone. Replaced with an open community. An approach that’s as refreshing as it is radical. Perhaps most importantly is the shared belief of no egos and no self-promotion. We simply operate as an inclusive, transformative voice for our industry.

Path Leaders.

Kelly Weston


James Hickman


Helen Darlington


Paul McGuigan

Economic Growth

Jonny O'Reardon


Our partners


At Clarion we have a refreshing approach to providing legal services to our clients. We have a team of experienced, talented and committed professionals who are passionate about providing excellent advice and encourage you to expect more. It is the energy and vision of the people at Clarion that is at the heart of our offering.

Clarion give their time to All in. Leeds. free of charge and are helping us to ensure that we’re legally dotting the Is and crossing the Ts as an organisation.


Armstrong Watson.

We’ve been supporting, advising and protecting clients across the North of England and Scotland for over 150 years, providing a full range of specialist services and financial advice including accountancy, cloud accounting, audit, tax, payroll, corporate finance, financial planning, wealth management, forensic accounting and corporate restructuring, recovery and insolvency.

Armstrong Watson kindly give their time free-of-charge to All in. Leeds. to help ensure that our finances are managed centrally, responsibly, and independently from any participating agency.